Unleashing Vengeance is an extreme ProgressiveThrash Metal band from the Boston Area. We playreally technical thrash, with a lot of melodictouches as well, and we overdistort our guitarsto make it rea…
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Boston, United States
August Redmoon was founded back in early 1980 by Ray and Gary Winslow, Dave Young and the late Michael Henry. They were in the forefront of the early New Wave of British Heavy Metal scene in Los Angel…
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Orange, CA, United States
44 days ago
Bastardos logo skull
146 days ago
Official video for the song "Scylla" from the third album "A Mirror's Diary" by the dark melodic metal band Mooncry. Follow Mooncry on Facebook or Twitter for more information: https://www.facebo…
161 days ago
175 days ago
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