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Who am I? Interesting Question. A simple answer could probably be....An ancient Wolf that was born in a Wrong Place, Beyond Time and Space. A Wolf desperately looking for his Old Path of Glory which have been Buried for Centuries by a Distant Curse. Only my Eternal Hate can bring me back to where i belong. That's why I'm the Chosen, The Warrior, The Avenger, The Bringer of War....And from the Throne in the Highest Pick I Shall rise my Cup of Blood and Flag of Victory Over Was Once Was Called Humanity! Inminent Destruction of Planet Earth..Now!

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GODLESS is a Black Metal band from Sabana Grande, P.R.( U.S.A.) formed in the winter of 1989. GODLESS was the first Black Metal band of Puerto Rico & one of the first Black Metal bands from U.S.A.…
United States, Sabana Grande
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