Frankenbok are also proud to be releasing ‘The End Of All You Know’ on their own record label, Fair Dinkum Records. The album will only be sold via their website, and every copy will come with a free album cover t-shirt, album cover poster and sticker

Mar-10 @ Barwon Club MAY 11 - Frankston (VIC)  @  Pier Live
Mar-9 @ The Prague MAY 25 - Maitland (NSW)  @  The Brewery
Feb-24 @ Club LED MAY 26 - Canberra (ACT)  @  The Basement

Feb-24 @ Club LED JUN 01 - Warrnambool (VIC)  @  The Loft
Feb-24 @ Club LED JUN 02 - Adelaide (SA)  @  Enigma Bar
Feb-24 @ Club LED JUN 09 - Melbourne (VIC)  @  The Cherry Bar
Feb-24 @ Club LED JUN 15 - Orange (NSW)  @  The Ophir Tavern
Feb-24 @ Club LED JUN 16 - Wagga (NSW)  @  The Home Tavern
Feb-24 @ Club LED JUN 23 - Newtown (NSW)  @  The Sando
Feb-24 @ Club LED JUL 14 - Brisbane (QLD)  @  The Jubilee Hotel
(Dead OF Winter Festival)

May-26 @ Canberra FEB 24 - Newcastle (NSW)  @  Club LED
May-25 @ Maitland MAR 9 - Thornbury (VIC)  @  The Prague
May-11 @ Frankston MAR 10 - Geelong (VIC)  @  The Barwon Club
Apr-15 @ Kapiti Coast MAR 11 -  Melbourne (VIC)  @  The Cherry Bar
Apr-14 @ Wellington MAR 16 - Ballarat (VIC)  @  The Karova Lounge
Apr-13 @ Palmerston Nth MAR 30 - Bendigo (VIC)  @  The Newmarket Hotel
Apr-12 @ Auckland APR 12 - Auckland (NZ)  @  The Crowbar (w/Sinate)
Mar-30 @ Bendigo APR 13 - Palmeston Nth (NZ)  @  Royal Hotel (w/Sinate)
Mar-16 @ Ballarat APR 14 - Wellington (NZ)  @  Medusa Bar (w/Sinate)
Mar-11 @ Cherry Bar APR 15 - Kapiti Coast (NZ)  @  The Village Inn (w/Sinate)

Oct-22 @ House of Rock, Melbourne, VIC
Oct 28 @ Club LED, Newcastle, NSW
Oct-29@ The Junkyard, Maitland, NSW
Nov-18 @ Bald Faced Stag, Sydney, NSW
Nov-19 @ The Basement, Canberra, ACT
Dec-02 @ Monstrothic, Brisbane, QLD
Dec-03 @ Miami Shark Bar, Gold Coast, QLD
Jan-14 @ Enigma Bar, Adelaide, SA
Jan-21 @ The Prague Bar, Thornbury, VIC

This is...

Hailing from Melbourne Australia, Frankenbok was born kicking and screaming in 1997. With 3 albums and 2 EP’s under their belt they are about to unleash their 6th release. The new album deftly titled ‘The End OF All You Know’ is by far the bands heaviest work to date. Musically it is a real blend of heavy metal styles, ranging from thrash, to punk to southern rock riffage and straight up heavy metal, all with a very Australian flavour and unique sound that the band have crafted over their 15 year existence. Thematically the album is a statement that the human race is on a one-way ticket to annihilation, dealt out by our own hand. The front cover art is an amazing piece of hand-painted artwork depicting a full scale riot with the mob descending on a pyramid of the ‘eye of providence’, a symbol representing the modern social structure. They are going to tear it down, and themselves along with it. If the revolution was to ever occur, there would be no group loyalty, just total chaos, every man for himself each taking their bat, ball and smashing each other's heads in. It was painstakingly painted by Tom Emery, a good friend of the band and a phenomenal artist. The picture features over 1000 figures in incredible detail, and really must be seen to be believed.

Since 1997 Frankenbok have toured Australia and New Zealand many times and shared the stage with the likes of Exodus, Slayer, Machine Head, Strapping Young Lad, System of A Down, Fear Factory, Malevolent Creation and Skinlab as well as the cream of Australian heavy metal. In their fine tradition of really getting amongst it, Frankenbok will be doing what they do best and heading back out on the road to showcase the new album and are chomping at the bit to pummel audiences into the ground with their new swag of hurty ditties. They will be doing launches in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide and Brisbane throughout October, November and December, so keep your eyes peeled and doors and windows fogged up. 2012 will see the band embark on a more extensive regional tour of Australia as well taking their travelling circus overseas with plans to head back to New Zealand, and to finally get amongst the overseas market with their sights set on Europe, Asia and America.

Frankenbok are the real deal. They are a genuine band of brothers who love to play it hard, fast and loud - and they’re coming for your limited attention span in 2012.
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