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Abruptum - de Profundis Mors Vas Cousumet
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Abruptum is a black metal and dark ambient band from Sweden formed in 1989 by IT (aka Tony Särkkä), All (aka Jim Berger), and Ext.IT had already planned to create the band in 1987, but it wasn't until 1990 that he found the right members to do it. The same year, they recorded their first two demos. After the release of the first demo, they fired their bass player Ext. After the release of a 7-inch EP simply called Evil in 1991 (later re-released by Psychoslaughter), All began to drink heavily and was forced to leave the band IT then found a new member in Evil (aka Morgan Steinmeyer Håkansson) of Marduk. Around this time, IT reunited with All to form the side project, Vondur. At the time, IT was one of the leaders within what was called the True Satanist Horde, part of the Swedish Black metal scene.

Abruptum was signed to Euronymous's label Deathlike Silence Productions, on which they released two albums.Euronymous noted them as being "the audial essence of pure black evil", and IT considered Euronymous to be "a true ally." After Euronymous's murder, they would contribute the opening track to the compilation album Nordic Metal: A Tribute To Euronymous.

IT left the band and the black metal scene altogether in 1996, following numerous threats made to him and to his family. Evil kept Abruptum going and released material on his own record label, Blooddawn Productions, until 2005 when he announced that he had ended Abruptum.

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Band Members Count4
Year Established1989
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StateOstergotlands lan
Record Label(s) Deathlike Silence Productions Southern Lord Records Blooddawn Productions
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