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Burning Caskets - Covenant of Hate Live in Cambridge Sep 2, 2011 at 515 Concert Club
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Burning Caskets formed by mistake; former Rotting members Korey Arnold and Mike Belfry decided to record some jam sessions from Mike's living room featuring Korey on vocals, Mike on guitar and bass, with a drum machine; and post them on MySpace - they had no idea their songs would be so well-received with requests for a full-length album.

Based on feedback from their new-found fans and peers, they decided to recruit actual members to start playing shows. The first member that found his way into Burning Caskets was bassist Deni Guenard. Deni knew Korey from way back when Deni used to jam on bass with Rotting; with potential to join the band. Due to distance issues, it never worked out for Deni and Rotting.

After a few lineup changes, guitarist Mitch Di Venanzo joined the ranks, formerly of Kitchener-based melodic metal band, Unscathed. Braedon Sharpe also joined on guitar, but made it into the band after guitars had already been recorded for the album. Braedon was able record backup vocals on a few tracks, so he does appear on the first Burning Caskets album, "To Burn a False Prophet."

Drummer Dan Harrison joined the band just in time for the band's first few shows of 2011 and the first long-distance show outside Toronto; in Cochrane, Ontario. Dan has previously played in Cambridge-based band, Auras.

The first Burning Caskets album "To Burn a False Prophet" was released July 12, 2011.
Korey and Dan formed the brutal slam death metal band Sewer; in 2012.

Burning Caskets are currently working on new material for the second full-length CD.

Current incarnation of Burning Caskets:
Korey Arnold - Vocals
Deni Guenard - Bass
Mitch Di Venanzo - Lead Guitar
Braedon Sharpe - Rhythm Guitar
Dan Harrison - Drums

Be prepared to have your ears smashed with blasphemic heaviness!

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To Burn a False Prophet
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23.06.2012 (1163 days ago)
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