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RSS — Deströyer 666 is a metal band formed in 1994. by guitarist K.K. The group originated in Melbourne, the band is now based in England and Sweden.
995 days ago · 0 comments · From OHMetal — Risen from the ashes of PATH BEYOND SERENITY (an oriental flavored melodic death metal band formed in 1999) from Tuzla in Bosnia and Herzegovina
1141 days ago · 0 comments · From OHMetal — Prophets of War official website
1183 days ago · 0 comments · From ProphetsofWar — Abaddon Incarnate was formed in Dublin in 1991, playing fast death metal with grindcore elements. Under the name Bereaved the band released two demo cassette tapes, Signs of Death in 1992 and Tortured Souls in 1994.
1198 days ago · 0 comments · From OHMetal — Progressive/extreme/melodic metal (with violin) from Melbourne, Australia
1232 days ago · 0 comments · From OHMetal — Burning Caskets formed by mistake; former Rotting members Korey Arnold and Mike Belfry decided to record some jam sessions from Mike's living room featuring Korey on vocals, Mike on guitar and bass, with a drum machine; and post them on MySpace - they had no idea their songs would be so well-rec…
1253 days ago · 0 comments · From OHMetal — OHM Official Heavy Metal and Music web site Only Heavy Metal, heavy metal news, music videos, metal news, cd reviews, exclusive interviews and much more!
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