1.-Solitude - Punitive Pride: Solitude Apadrina el canal
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1.-Solitude - Punitive Pride: Solitude Apadrina el canal
COMPRA EL ALBUM: www.plogmusic.com HAZTE FAN Y CONTACTALOS: facebook.com The band begins in 1996, as a four piece called "Lycanthropy", but the name was soon changed to SOLITUDE. Formed by Tadeo Mansilla, David Frayre, Farid Bautista and Antonio Rivera, and in a short time they found Arael Delgado. "Crying in false Reality" the very first demo tape recorded in 1998 gives the band the chance to play in diferent parts of the country, including Morelia where the band signed their first contract with Kronnos Recs. Their First album "The glorious shine of life" was recorded in 2000 in Mexico city under this contract, and they were getting stronger with already 4 years of existence. More shows comes due the release of the album, and great reviews on magazines, getting a name in the scene and being one of the most important Melodic Death Metal bands in Mexico. Solitude has shared stage with great Metal Bands like Dark Tranquillity, Paul dianno, Rata blanca, Decapitated, Asesino and recently supported Megadeth. Also, was part of the bill of the Monterrey Metal Fest (Biggest Metal Festival in Latín América) that included bands like Blind Guardian, Udo, Cathedral, Obituary, Sadus, Deicide, Edguy, Joe stump and many more. "Introjection" was released by the Mexican label Asenath Records in 2006, the album was recorded in La Nave Studios in Monterrey, and Mastered in Imperial Mastering studios by Colin Davis (Vile) in California, who has worked with Deeds Of flesh, Skinlab, Hate ...
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