100 Top Metal Bands Part 2
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100 Top Metal Bands Part 2
My 100 favorite metal bands, mostly thrash and death. Here is the list of the songs 75. Toxik- Shotgun Logic 74. Anacrusis - Wrong 73. Atrophy- Process of Elimination 72. Nasty Savage- Family Circus 71. Razor- Edge of the Razor 70. Vectom- Speed Revolution 69. Slammer- Born for War 68. Sinister- Cross the Styx 67. Solstice- All Life Lost 66.Defiance- Slayground 65. Celtic Frost- The Usurper 64. Laaz Rockit- Mob Justice 63. Suicidal Tendencies- Feel Like Shit 62. EvilDead- Parricade 61. Benediction- Painted Skulls 60. Possessed- My Belief 59. Toxic Holocaust- Nuke The Cross 58. Whiplash- Spit on your Grave 57. Holy Moses- We Are At War 56. Darkness- Locked 55. Atheist- On They Slay 54. Running Wild- Under Jolly Roger 53. Candlemass- Cry From The Crypt 52. Sacred Reich- The American Way 51. Master- Used
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