15 Japanese Metal Bands Part 3 (Women of Japanese Metal)
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15 Japanese Metal Bands Part 3 (Women of Japanese Metal)
***PART 7 IS NOW AVAILABLE TO WATCH*** Here are another 15 of some of the best metal bands in Japan. Enjoy. The bands and the songs played are listed in the video. (Bonus band: Onmyouza) (I managed to fit Onmyouza into it as a bonus band) Aside from that, Enjoy! None of these bands are owned by me, the photos and music belong to their respective owners, these are just being provided as samples of their music. ~BANDS (with a female member)~ 1. Aphasia 2. Area51 3. Boris 4. ExistTrace 5. Guardian Hacker 6. Gallhammer 7. Galmet 8. Gonin-Ish 9. Light Bringer 10. Head Phones President 11. Rampant 12. Misako Honjoh 13. Maximum The Hormone 14. Shadow 15. Sigh 16. (Bonus) Onmyouza
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