15 Japanese Metal Bands Part 4
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15 Japanese Metal Bands Part 4
***PART 7 IS NOW AVAILABLE TO WATCH!*** Here are another 15 of some of the best metal bands in Japan. Enjoy. The bands and the songs played are listed in the video. In my opinion, this is the best one I've done since part 1, so I hope you think so too. :D These songs and photos belong entirely to their respective bands and labels, this video is just providing samples of their music and is completely non-profit. ~BANDS~ 1. Inhale 2. D 3. Since1889 4. Ablaze 5. Sabbat 6. Girugamesh 7. Followbane 8. Plasmajet 9. Yuhkinen 10. Thousand Leaves 11. Cell Head 12. Aikaryu 13. Double Dealer 14. Atomic Tornado 15. Gargoyle
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