20 Best Thrash Metal Bands (10) ( part 1 )
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20 Best Thrash Metal Bands (10) ( part 1 )
OK I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT... This was made too long ago, maybe i would change some bands on the top 10 by now but nevermind hope you like.... AH! ONE MORE THING THE FIRST TRACK IS A CALL TO ARMS BY EXODUS FROM HIS ALBUM CALLED ATROCITY EXHIBITION: EXHIBIT A so stop asking ok? thanks :) you tube deleted the 2nd part... ive been trying to up load it again but it still deleting it... SO... THIS IS THE TOP 10 1.- EXODUS 2-SLAYER 3.-KREATOR 4.-MEGADETH 5.-METALLICA 6.-TESTAMENT 7.-OVERKILL 8.-ANTHRAX 9.-SEPULTURA 10.- PANTERA ( THIS IS FUCKING GROOVE THRASH METAL) FUCK YOU YOUTUBE!!!!!!
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