26 Kickass Progressive Metal Bands
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26 Kickass Progressive Metal Bands
http://www.facebook.com/witheredleafproject - 70 Likes = New video Note: PLEASE READ THE FIRST LINE BEFORE COMMENTING. First line: This video is almost 2 years old. I listen to many more bands than those who are in this video. The bands in this video is kind of a random selection of my list. So don't say "Why don't you have BTBAM in the video noob?"... I do listen to them, but I didnt listen to them when I made this video 2 years ago... I made this video to announce because I wanted to share the bands I listen to with you. If I'm wrong with any of the genres, do not complain. There are many different opinions about the different bands. I made no part 1 and part 2 for this, because it takes too long to make such a video like this. Sorry the mistakes in the video, there are a few. The intro song: Benighted - Complete Exsanguination "Information" song: Deadsoul Tribe - One bullet I'm open for suggestions, so bring it on if you know any bands or something. Thanks for watching! Rate, comment or/and subscribe if you want to. Cheeeers :D
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27.05.2012 (1282 days ago)
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