30 Awesome Power Metal Choruses : Volume II
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30 Awesome Power Metal Choruses : Volume II
Add "&fmt=18" (without speech marks) at the end of the url for a higher quality version with good sound. You know, a mere 30 Awesome Power Metal choruses just wasn't enough. Here's 30 more. No idea why, but this video has a huge load of Power/Prog Metal. No real reason why. There are bound to be some bands in here that some will say are not Power Metal, mainly Mago de Oz, but I consider these bands Power Metal (I consider Mago de Oz Power/Folk Metal) So please respect my opinion. If you disagree, that's cool, and feel free to tell me so but please be courteous about it. Some more bands were not included, such as Angra, Manowar, Symphony X, Power Quest, Cellador and Savage Circus- once again for time reasons. I'm open to reccomendations, so if you want to make one, go ahead.
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