300 - Amon Amarth Style - Cry of the Black Birds
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300 - Amon Amarth Style - Cry of the Black Birds
200,000 views!!!!!! I love you guys. This is what i do when I'm bored, its not the greatest, but cool enough. Song is Cry of the Blackbirds by Amon Amarth Just as a side note, I CANNOT CONTROL THE TRANSITIONS OR EFFECTS, the program I used automatically generated them when I picked the "over-the-top" video edit function. The reason there isn't a lot of different clips in the video is because the size of the video would have been too big and therefore I would either have to lower the quality of the video significantly, or cut back on the amount of footage. PLEASE DISREGARD THE MESSAGE BELOW, UNLESS YOU ARE FROM THE WMG. I DO NOT OWN ANY CONTENT IN THE VIDEO. I DO OWN THE AMON AMARTH ALBUM THAT THIS SONG IS OFF OF, AND I DO OWN THE MOVIE '300'. THERE IS NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. I DO NOT INTEND ON FINANCIALLY BENEFITING FROM THIS VIDEO BY ANY MEANS.
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