Slayer ~ Angel of Death (Lyrics)
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Slayer ~ Angel of Death (Lyrics)
Slayer ~ Angel of DeathLYRICS:Auschwitz, the meaning of painThe way that I want you to dieSlow death, immense decayShowers that cleanse you of your lifeForced inLike cattleYou runStripped ofYour lifes worthHuman mice, for the angel of deathFour hundred thousand more to dieAngel of deathMonarch to the kingdom of the deadSadistic, surgeon of demiseSadist of the noblest bloodDestroying, without mercyTo benefit the aryan raceSurgery, with no anesthesiaFell the knife pierce you intenselyInferior, no use to mankindStrapped down screaming out to dieAngel of deathMonarch to the kingdom of the deadInfamous butcher,Angel of deathPumped with fluid, inside your brainPressure in your skull begins pushing through your eyesBurning flesh, drips awayTest of heat burns your skin, your mind starts to boilFrigid cold, cracks your limbsHow long can you lastIn this frozen water burial? Sewn together, joining headsJust a matter of timetil you rip yourselves apartMillions laid out in theirCrowded tombsSickening ways to achieveThe holocaustSeas of blood, bury lifeSmell your death as it burnsDeep inside of youAbacinate, eyes that bleedPraying for the end ofYour wide awake nightmareWings of pain, reach out for youHis face of death staring down,Your blood running coldInjecting cells, dying eyesFeeding on the screams ofThe mutants hes creatingPathetic harmless victimsLeft to dieRancid angel of deathFlying free(leads: hanneman, king, hanneman, king, hanneman)[ angel of deathMonarch to the kingdom of the deadInfamous butcher,Angel of deathAngel of death]
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