Song Of Love reached end of the world (best vocals)
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Song Of Love reached end of the world (best vocals) the end of the worldNow you have reached the end of the worldThe people have gone crazyThey are following their own selfish wayTaking out love from the earthThe final days have arrivedStriking events will now fall Pride and selfishness is going to be judgedWho is strong enough not to follow crowds?Who still have a loving, gentle heart,Do good to those around youSpread much love to othersWho are full of hate and selfNothing is done in secretAll things be revealedWhat path do you now chose Earth's last hours leftThis world is full of cowardsWho bend to principleLying stealing and prideIs in the order of the dayChose now your destiny nowSoon it will be too lateSudden destruction is comingAs an overwhelming surpriseSong Of Love boner from hell of Love 12800 days Of Love Opinions Of Love Reached the end of the world of Love That's the way love feels Of Love Pride Of Love Enter by the narrow gate Of love All the girls of the kingdom Of Love Magic wand metallica, nirvana, ac dc , kiss, motorhead, steel panther, megadeth, aerosmith, thin lizzy, guns and roses, skid row, deep purple, hendrix, iron maiden, ozzy osbourne, black sabbath, def lepers, ronnie james dio, judas priest, led zeppelin, pink floyd, rainbow, red hot chili pepers, rush, the who, uli roth scorpions, van halen, whitesnake,
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12.02.2014 (652 days ago)
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