Absorbed at Nuclear Stormfest 6
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Absorbed at Nuclear Stormfest 6
Dutch deathmetal band Absorbed at The Czech Republic Nuclear Stormfest 2001. This song is Called: From Dark Shadows Their inspiration came from the Swedish oldschool death scene like old Entombed, Dismember, Edge of Sanity, Grave, Carnage, Nihilist, Nirvana 2002 ..... Absorbed ex-members are now in bands like Massive Assault (oldschool death), Autumn (poprock gothic) & the 8th Sin (melodic deathmetal)& Descent to Hell (crust metal) Ex members, because after 6 years of existence Absorbed Rests in Peace In the years Absorbed shared the stage with great bands like : Vomitory - Vader - Hatesphere Deranged - Pungent Stench - Construcdead - Pentacle - Beheaded - God Dethroned - Pleurisy - Mangeled - No Denail - Doro - Disaster - Crustacean - Seenin Red - Makiladoras Pulverizer - Cerebral Tumor - Inhume - Occult - Altar - Severe Torture - Dawn Of Decay - Outburst - Exhumed - Seein Red - Grave - Izegrim - The Flinkstoneds - Extreem Exceem - Thanatos - Pulmonary Abcess - and many more Absorbed: www.myspace.com Massive Assault: www.myspace.com Autumn: www.myspace.com The 8th Sin: www.myspace.com Descent to Hell: www.myspace.com Dirty Bird (recording studio: www.myspace.com
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