ACCIÓ DIRECTA - There is nothing... - Acció Directa instrumental
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ACCIÓ DIRECTA - There is nothing... - Acció Directa instrumental
ACCIÓ DIRECTA was a pioneer Harcore/Metal band of Barcelona. The band was formed in 1984 influenced by californian harcore and thrash metal. At first we just play mostly covers of bands like Bad Brains, RKL, Gang Green, DRI, Suicidal Tendencies, Offenders, Metallica, Corrossion of Conformity , Deep Purple (!),... Our first concert was at Mensakas Bar of Barcelona in 1985, then with Mimo (Subterranean Kids) on drums. The line-up was: Enric (guitar), Jordi (bass), Mimo (drums) and Raul & Marcos singing. In 1986, Slow Records from Germany showed interest in the band, and we went to the studio to record our first songs, with Julian (Ross) as the final drummer and Mimo helping with the voices. The lyrics of these first songs were wrote by Puril, who became the singer. The line up was finally consolidated. The songs recorded were edited by Slow Records in 1988 in the compilation "There..s nothing I like to say". In 1990 we recorded our first and only LP "Imaginate" for Momentos Trashicos (Semaphore Records). After many concerts in Catalunya, we did two tours by Euskal Herria and some concerts in Spain. In the summer of 1990 we toured Switzerland. In 1992 the band turns into Space Junx and never record his second LP because of the disappearance of the record company. The band explodes but the members went to form other bands such as Tropel Nat, Dr.Calypso, Legion, The Del Hoyo, Baran baran Boots, Skatalà, Walkysons, The Fenicians, Speed Tortugas , Soulid,...
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