Adramelech - Seven
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Adramelech - Seven
Adramelech was founded 1991 in Loimaa, Finland, and was later considered a "little brother of Demigod", hailing from the same town later and with less success. The band got it's name of the Sumerian/Babylonian demon ( please correct me ). The lyrical themes were, from the beginning, influenced by different nations beliefs and mythologies ( Ancient Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Greek, Scandinavian etc. ). Musically they remained pretty similar, basic Old-School Death metal, by not changing too much along the way. Despite their big influnce of mythology , they didn't use any special instruments. Year 1991 they released their first demo "Human Extermination". Year 1992, they got signed at the first time for an french label Adipocere and recorded "Spring of Recovery" EP. After this, few years of silence, during which they recorded an independent demo "Grip of Darkness"'95 and got signed, now to Spanish Repulse records, through which Adramelech recorded "The Fall" EP at the same year. Following first full-length "Psychostasia"'96 was released by Spanish Repulse records, owned by Dave Rotten ( who was known to be a hell of a Finnish DM fan). Also next (Generally considered Adramelech's high-point) EP "Seven"'98 was the most brutal and crushing release from the band. The following to last albums "Pure Blood Doom"'99 and "Terror of Thousand Faces" '05 managed to continue the safe DM-line of Adramelech. After this, the band was put in a hold-on, where they still remain today. Adramelech ...
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