AK-74 Magazine: Bulgarian Surplus Circle 10, 21, 25
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AK-74 Magazine: Bulgarian Surplus Circle 10, 21, 25
I find these Bulgarian AK-74 Surplus magazines to be one of the best. They come with the circle 10, 21 and 25 on them as codes for who made them. They have metal reinforcement down the sides and front of the magazine that makes them superior to most, along with metal food lips, locking lug and rear lug. 30rd BLACK POLY Manufacturers: Arsenal Inc., NITI Kazanlak and Optico-Electron Frequency: Plentiful (Arsenal Inc. Code 10), Common (NITI Kazanlak Code 21) Uncommon (Optico-Electron Code 25) Description: Probably the 5.45mm magazine type most frequenly encountered in the US. Construction closely follows the Russian design - polymer body with small horizontal reinforcing ribs down both sides near the front, and metal lip reinforcement, rear locking lug and floorplate. Color is dead black with a nonreflective matte finish. Notes: Similar to Russian True Black and Polish Black Poly types, except for markings. NITI Kazanlak Code 21 magazines are frequently encountered with brown replacement part followers and floorplate inserts. Optico-Electron Code 25 magazines appear to be constructed from a harder type of polymer with a much smoother texture than Arsenal Code 10 or NITI Kazanlak Code 21 magazines. NITI (Bulgarian acronym for "Science, Research & Technology Engineering") Kazanlak was the former research & development branch of Arsenal Bulgaria, and became a separate state-owned entity when Arsenal became a private corporation. ╚═►PRIVACY NOTICE: Warning--any person and/or ...
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