ALEX BENT Speed Metal Workout 2011
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ALEX BENT Speed Metal Workout 2011
Hey whats going on guys I have been getting a bunch of emails of people asking me to put up videos of me playing metal, I was originally going to do a bunch of covers of bands like Nile, Decrepit Birth, Hate Eternal, Dying Fetus and bunch of other great ones but then I figured why not just make it more simple and just play along to different Bpms. The whole point of this video is just speed and presicion.I made sure to have 2 camera angles so you could see the bass drum technique. I made all the blasts one foot or bomb blasts only. If anyone has questions at all please feel free to message me :). I am now 18 years old,This year is going to be very busy year packed with Drum Clinics and performances all over the place with a bunch of different artists. I Endorse Crush Drums Axis Pedals War Ink Clothing Stay Updated with me here :) I am so Honored that God has given me a gift to share around the world with people, I give him all the glory and am a drummer for Jesus all the way. I believe music is something for all of us to experience and share to all say something. I love Death Metal, Black Metal, Hip Hop, Jazz, Salsa, Country Literaly EVERYTHING. Being open minded opens up alot of doors in my Humble opinion. Thanks for watching my video If I am playing in town near you lets hang out God bless :) -Alex
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