Amon Amarth (1of4) Live @ Effenaar Eindhoven Netherlands 2011-10-26 (21:31:44)
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Amon Amarth (1of4) Live @ Effenaar Eindhoven Netherlands 2011-10-26 (21:31:44)
Amon Amarth live @ Effenaar Eindhoven Netherlands on october 26th 2011. Full concert @ our channel (click our nickname). Don't forget to subscribe and mark the e-mail button, so you will be notified with each new upload! We do not trade, nor sell! Support the band! Don't (just) download: buy their CD's and merchandise. We did, so now it's your turn! War of the Gods Runes to My Memory Destroyer of the Universe Live Without Regrets The Pursuit of Vikings For Victory or Death Varyags of Miklagaard Slaves of Fear A Beast Am I Ride For Vengeance Embrace of the Endless Ocean Free Will Sacrifice Asator Death in Fire Encore: Twilight of the Thunder God Guardians of Asgaard
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