AMON AMARTH - Gods of War Arise [Music Video]
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AMON AMARTH - Gods of War Arise [Music Video]
'Gods of war arise' from the album 'With Oden on our side' [2006]. This is an unofficial fan video made by me, all video footage is from the movie 'Pathfinder' [2007]. Check out their website, and if you like their music, buy it! Watch, and leave a comment! Gods of war arise lyrics: Darkness flees the rising sun The village lies ahead It will awake to a new day soon Soon they'll all be dead We came in cover of moonless night Fifty men at arms Now at first morning light, The church bell sounds the alarm Sacrifice to Gods above Free them of their lives Fresh blood on our swords Gods Of War Arise! Hear the tyrant screams Shattering the air They awake from soothing dreams Into their worst nightmare Fire sweeps their homes They feel the dragon's breath Consuming and destructive flames Agonising death Some seek shelter in the church A refuge for those with faith But we know how to smoke them out A pyre will be raised But those who choose to stand and fight Will die with dignity For the unfortunate few who survives Waits a life in slavery The day draws to a end The night comes dark and cold We return to our ships With silver, slaves and gold We gave them agony, as they fell and died The Gods have granted victory For our sacrifice
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26.05.2012 (1191 days ago)
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