Asphyx Interview | Martin van Drunen
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Asphyx Interview | Martin van Drunen
Asphyx Interview Martin van Drunen Interview from Asphyx Interviewed by Jason Saulnier January 25, 2012 Martin Van Drunen talks about the latest Asphyx album Deathhammer. We talk about the recording session for Deathhammer. Martin's point of view on copyright music. http Subscribe Facebook Martin van Drunen (Born 1966) is a Dutch death metal vocalist, who started out in the band Pestilence. In this band, he also performed the bass duties live. He recorded two albums with them, Malleus Maleficarum and Consuming Impulse. After his departure from Pestilence, he joined Asphyx as the singer and bass player in 1987. For this band he recorded two albums as well. He performed guest vocals on Comecon's second album Converging Conspiracies in 1993 and then formed his own band called Submission. In 1995, he was asked to replace Karl Willetts in the UK death metal band Bolt Thrower.
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