Baalphegor - The New Adoreds
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Baalphegor - The New Adoreds
Brutal Death Metal from Spain. Baalphegor have 2 full lengths and a demo currently out. I own no rights to this song or picture, and am uploading it simply to get a relatively obscure death metal band some much needed recognition. Any issues should be make available to me. Track number 4 off of Post Earthquake Age Lyrics : Encrusted in strategic gallactical coordinate Where the light is fading away They show her constant presence, that anguishes us. Self-feeding for the little bit of energy That gives them the sun A dense shadow is eclipsing entire countrys While they are moving like spacial dust. Sharing the space with the stars And becoming a whim for the young meteors They are resting in the slope of the majestic infinity. Statics with a far and cold silence Some change could cause the armaggeddon The necessity of the perfect working is absolute. The imbalance is the allied of our friend. Statics with a far and cold silence The satellites are watching the diferents kinds of life. Respected like a God and known as UNPS2 Where the mankind drops their faith Prayers and praisers that they ancestrals used to Are now totally useless. Only can be read the words and writings before the earthquake age Where the knowledge of the essence of life was so rificulous. Control forged with the most luxury steel ever known. They are riding because the most ambitious tecnology They are educated for the existance essences, The control is built for her infinited perduration. Some change ...
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27.06.2012 (1246 days ago)
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