BabiloS - Declaration of Cruelty
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BabiloS - Declaration of Cruelty
Babilos is a thrash metal band hailing from Las Vegas Nevada. Babilos was originally formed by Dennis, Dennix, Jason, and Gian. In the summer of 2008, original members Dennis and Dennix was replaced by Ronnel and Steve resulting in a change of musical direction and a new goal. After capturing a wide Filipino and Fil-Am fanbase, they decided to take on the whole metal-scene and help innovate and keep thrash metal alive. Heavily influenced by Bay Area bands such as Testament, Exodus, Heathen, Defiance, etc., the new line up discarded their old songs and started from scratch, writing faster, heavier, neck-breaking, poser-slaying songs. Before 2009 ended, Gian stepped down from playing drums and was replaced by Joe. The current line up is: Steve Friera(Vox,Guitar), Ronnel Taclibon (Guitar), Jason Zafra(Bass) and Ace Briones(Drums). Their first demo was released on February of 2010, recorded, mixed, and mastered by "The Vegas Soundman" Jason Cohen. The demo will include "Psychopathic Ritual(Hail the Butcher)", "Trapped in the Pit", and "Declaration of Cruelty". All songs displaying diverse influences and styles of each member to fuel the old school fire with new blood.
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