Barbarous Pomerania - Slavonic Warriors (videoclip)
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Barbarous Pomerania - Slavonic Warriors (videoclip)
Barbarous Pomerania (Pol) - Slavonic Warriors videoclip + lyrics in english from "Spear Of Destiny", 2010, split cd with Faethon (Gre) tracklist : Barbarous Pomerania : 1 - Intro - Sunny Masters Temple 2 - Slavonic Warriors 3 - Symbols of our ancestors 4 - Song of Retra Priests 5 - Under sign of fire and steel 6 - Outro - Prayer of Right Slav polish pagan slavonic blackmetal Faethon : 7 - Das goldene Band 8 - Hordes of Zeus 9 - Destiny awaits greek blackmetal This is my personal tribute video for this song. i have done this video to say a great hail to the polish people and the eastern Europe in general. for all my friends! hope you like it. LYRICS IN ENGLISH : In Europe's heart, born from Slavs folk Among thick forests and elevations Between waves of Black and Baltic Seas From ancient Spals,from great Titan's Came from faraway Euroasia steppes Sklavins,Ants,Weneds Greedy for landWild barbarians Arrived to loot,and take new lands In their hands spears and swords Whiz of arrows, with a crash of holy thunder With song on mouth, with scream of war Bring fire , wreak havoc Bloodthirsty battles for conquest Hungry wolves for glory and fortune They praise name the God of war Harsh folk, plural,willing to fight Slavs the armed Folk In their heart -war and land Inside- brave tough spirit Worshippers of fire and thunderbolt Strongly pressing with fury Wearing skins and armour They move fast through the lands and seas! many thanks to my friend Hatefulldestroyer for these lyrics
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