Battlecross - Drunken Interview on Liquid Metal
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Battlecross - Drunken Interview on Liquid Metal
Here's the hilarious drunken interview Jose Mangin from SiriusXM's Liquid Metal did with BX after their live performance at Dingbat'z in NJ with Hate Eternal on 3/8/12. 0:10 Jose introduces the #1 metal song in North America 1:00 Interview Start 2:45 Jose's thoughts on the live show 3:50 BX on the end of the world 4:50 Upcoming shows 5:40 Don's grand entrance 6:25 "Breaking You" (teaser) 6:48 "Deception" (teaser) 7:10 Interview re-start 7:44 Legal weed in Canada? 8:00 Awesome female fan who looks like Ozzy 8:50 Saladtoss 9:00 Next phase for BX 9:20 Music politics 9:31  More thoughts on show 9:51 Cheese 10:27 For Kaleb 12:04 Rupture (teaser) Battlecross play a technical and brutal blend of melodic thrash & death for metalheads of the old and new alike. Battlecross recently signed a deal with Metal Blade Records in May 2011 & just released their debut album "Pursuit of Honor" world wide on August 2nd. Go to my channel to see more exclusive live Battlecross footage, as well as many other brutal metal bands you don't want to miss. Battlecross is... Kyle "Gumby" Gunther - Vocals Tony Asta - Guitar Hiran Deraniyagala - Guitar Don Slater - Bass Michael Kreger - Drums http
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