Best Black Metal Bands/Songs Part 1 (Atmospheric and Depressive)
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Best Black Metal Bands/Songs Part 1 (Atmospheric and Depressive)
Each part I upload will have a different theme. This one is Atmospheric and Depressive black metal bands only. I have attempted to get bands from around the world so as to make this more interesting as i find each country has its own take on Black Metal. Obviously i can only put a small amount of bands in each video so not all countries are included. Keep watching these compilation videos and I am sure you will find at least one with a band from your country. 1 - Band - Monarque Album - Fier Heretique Song - Marches Funebres 2 - Band - Nargaroth Album - Black Metal Ist Kreig Song - Seven Tears Are Flowing To The River 3 - Band - Judas Iscariot Album - Dethroned, Conquered and Forgotten Song - Journey Through Visions Of War 4 - Band - Forgotten Tomb Album - Springtime Depression Song - Scars 5 - Band - Summoning Album - Minas Morgul Song - Marching Homewards 6 - Band - Nachtmystium Album - Demise Song - Solitary voyage 7 - Band - Veil Album - Dolor Song - Suicide Winds (reprise) 8 - Band - Wedard Album - Einsamer Winterweg Song - Einsamer Winterweg 9 - Band - Burzum Album - Aske Song - Spell Of Destruction I do not own any of the copyrights for these songs. I am just promoting bands I find worthy of my support. Watch Part 2 -
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