Bestial Summoning - Your Pain is My Lust
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Bestial Summoning - Your Pain is My Lust
Bestial Summoning was one of the first Black Metal bands from The Netherlands. Formed in 1990 by Conscicide (Guitars), The Unsane (Vocals) and Sephiroth (Drums) they recorded several rehearsal recordings during 1990-1991. In 1992 they recorded their improvised debut demo "Sodomistic Rituals". This was also their first and last recording with bassplayer Impurity. The demo resulted in getting them signed by No Fasion Records, which released the LP "The Dark War Has Begun". Again this recording was totally improvised in the studio. "The Dark War.." was also the very first Black Metal LP from The Netherlands! The lyrics on this album were written by Melek Taus who was considered their fourth band member. Bestial Summoning only played two legendary live performances. The first gig only lasted for 10 minutes as the bandmembers got into a fight with the audience. The second and last gig (where they shared the stage with Samael) was recorded unto tape. Some of these live tracks ended up on a limited edition 7" EP ("Pure Evil") which was released by a small independent label. The band died a silent death in 1992..... This is a live track of their 2nd live show in Venray Artist: Bestial Summoning Album: Live in Venray Song: Your Pain is My Lust Origin: The Netherlands (Holland) Year: 1992
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