Black Metal - The Fear of my Enemies
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Black Metal - The Fear of my Enemies
por fin algo un poco mas, agresivo, tenía mucho odio y tenía que liberarlo, dedico esto a todos mis enemigos, no hay mucho que decir, las imágenes están en Deviant art y corresponden a sus autores, están las portadas son de mi nuevo material compilatorio, (R abrakadabra 1 pensamiento y R: Abrakadabra 2do Pensamiento) comenten, califiquen, aqui esta el blog: Finally, theres something more aggressive, i was kept a lot of my anger, and i have to release it, dedicated to all my enemies, there is no more left to say, the pictures are from deviant art and belngs to their owners, there are the new covers of my newest compilation work (R : abrakadabra 1 thought and R:Abrakadabra 2nd Thought) rate and comment, here it is my blog letra lyric betrayer, that's your name raping the trust that once i had waiting in the shadows stealth trying to stab me in my back now is time to take my revange i have no mercy for vultures like you the mask of friend is finally gone say your prays, you are dead now with an axe in my hand i'll hunt you wherever you are i promised at my ancestors grave i will consume my revange i 'll kneel you down on the snow hearing your coward screams Take the death like a man because with one blow your head will be ripped off feel the true fear, i'm here to kill you you (as my enemy) will fall under the edge of my vengance feel the fear of my enemies
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