Blackmetal Arckanum Bafomet Nightpictures Black Metal Video
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Blackmetal Arckanum Bafomet Nightpictures Black Metal Video
Blackmetal, Black Metal - The song Bafomet of the Blackmetal (Black Metal) band Arckanum is a true masterpiece and so i decided to make a video. I like listening to Blackmetal (eg Darkthrone,Emperor,Immortal,Dark Funeral,Gehenna,Marduk,Dimmu Borgir,Samael, Setherial), and one of my hobbys is night-photography (low light). I tried to visualize the things that came to my mind when listening to the song Bafomet from the Blackmetal (Black Metal) band Arckanum and this is the Result. I added video sequences of clouds and lightning to the still images to make it less boring. All photos, images and videos used were done by myself. Editing was done with Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0. Nearly all of the photos used in this video (Arckanum Bafomet Blackmetal)were NOT composed in photoshop, but captured on film using a 30year old slr-camera and multiple exposures. In Adobe Premiere, these pictures were then animated and combined with each other using blue/green- screen-keying, transparency etc. to generate more layers and interesting visuals. Tags: Blackmetal,Black Metal,Arckanum, Bafomet,Darkthrone,Emperor,Immortal,Dark Funeral,Gehenna,Marduk,Dimmu Borgir,Samael,Setherial,Magic,Mystical Images,Night, Darkness,Forest,Nature,siegerland,low-light,Nightphotography,photography,lightning,clouds
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