Brutus - Grafzerk
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Brutus - Grafzerk
This is song is entitled "Grafzerk" and it's made by that sick brutal death metal blast beat band BRUTUS. This brutal band is from the Netherlands aka Holland where some of the most brutal bands ever (Prostitute Disfigurement, Disavowed, Pyaemia, Severe Torture, Last Days Of Humanity) come from! Brutus has currently only one album which is entitled "Slachtbeest" and their second one should be coming sometime soon. First off Brutus is a band for those who like BLAST BEATS. And I don't mean that "they're sometimes cool" gotta enjoy them so much that you could take entire half an hour of them! Because that's exactly what Brutus is all about. Slachtbeest lasts for 31 minutes and 39 seconds and the ONLY beat in this entire album is blast beat. Sometimes slower, sometimes faster...but ALWAYS blast beat! Yeah I mean that all literally, the only times there isn't a blast beat is when the drummer does a fill or something and those parts never last more than maybe 5 or some seconds. In fact the intro of this very song is actually the longest non-blast section in the entire album! I know it can get monotonous but you gotta credit this drummer for those fast blast beats he does with fast double bass and being able to blast beat ENTIRE SONGS NON STOP is talent in itself ;) Among the constant blast beats Brutus plays pretty standard brutal death metal riffs, often being fast and technical but some really catchy palm mute riffs are also found here. Don't expect solos ...
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11.06.2012 (1214 days ago)
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