Buried Dreams-The sword and the Cross
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Buried Dreams-The sword and the Cross
Mexican Melodic Death Metal (From Mexico City). Band: Buried Dreams Album: Beyond Your Mind Title: The Sword and the Cross Lyrics: Mortal gods to meet the death An inferno through my head. Devastating desolation Now they won't hear the empty cry. Sadistic-terror Lives in my heart and in my soul It will turn you mad And then lead you to death Too many years the sign of a god Has been there for leading your life Now you try with your sharpened sword But it's useless now in the life you dwell Seeking an answer for this endless war. Fighting in sin, for a so called god Who didn't told you to fight for him His philosophy was to fight for yourself But your blinded eyes didn't let you think That in this life you just live for once... Trying on emotionless Understanding what it may be Crying for some mercy But they won't listen you'll die! The sun is fading back into obscurity I can smell the blood of my blackened soul Running in the night, with your sharpened sword Now there's no escape you confront the cross Winter frost and desert heat The moon and sun won't shine again Passing all the centuries Just to stand for their bleeding cross.
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31.05.2012 (1277 days ago)
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