Carbonized - Silent Journey
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Carbonized - Silent Journey
Carbonized was a Swedish Progressive Death Metal/ Rock / Jazz band, formed in Saltsjöbaden in 1989. Band's varying line-ups featured members from great Swedish Death Metal bands like Therion, Entombed and Dismember. The band released their first demo "Au-To-Dafe" in September 1989. The band was soon recognized by Thrash Records, through which the band recorded and released their first EP "No Canonization" in 1990. Another self-produced demo "Recarbonized" was released later in 1990. The band was also featured on a Split album of Black Out/Thrash Your Brain in 1991 with Finnish Sentenced, Dutch Bluuurgh... and Slovenian Xenophobia. Their song was called "The Monument" from their demo "Recarbonized". 1991 Their first full-length "For the Security" was released through Thrash Records. Another promo was recorded in 1992, which after the band released their second full-length "Disharmonization". Where "For the Security" already had many progressive elements, in "Disharmonization" there were much experimenting with jazzy patterns in guitar, bass and drum and more use of synthesizers. The album was recorded in the famous Sunlight Studios in Stockholm, and produced with assistance of legendary Tomas Skogsberg. in 1996, Carbonized released it's last album "Screaming Machines" through Foundation 2000. In this point, all the Death Metal influences of the music of the band had already perished. Soon after this, the band split-up All three full-lengths were re-issued by Russian Irond ...
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