Cartilage - Intro: Carnival of Souls / The Altar
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Cartilage - Intro: Carnival of Souls / The Altar
Cartilage was a Finnish Death Metal band, from Vaasa, formed in 1991. On their founding year released "Encapsulated Rehearsal" and "In Godly Flesh" demos, of which the first one was only self-financed. 1992 they got signed to the Spanish Drowned records and appeared on a split-album with Swedish Altar. Their side of the album was called "The Fragile Concept of Affection". Unfortunately band splitted-up soon after split-release. Three of the former members of Cartilage, formed a Black Metal band Enochian Crescent and before that carried out gothic/doom Death metal project Wings, releasing only one album and ,and a progressive thrash metal band Misantropia. Former vocalist ,Mikki Salo, owns Finnish Woodcut records. Mind-blowing Grindcore drummer ,Kai Hahto, continued he's succesful carrier with another local Death metal band Vomiturition. Later he also participated in great bands like Rotten Sound and Wintersun. This track is from their second demo "In Godly Flesh" Lyrics : dead people in your body bags rotten prepared for the ritual rancide meat dripping of liquefied flesh ideal material for the sacrifice on your altar built of gave stones and human bones intercourse whith purulent remains ejaculate to spice the gift plastic bag full of genitals severed to pleased your carnal god the altar what ambition drives the mortal but ambition itself your ambition is to kill for your own god ruptured giblets full of flies decomposed parts upon the altar purified but only when ...
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