Celtic Frost - Morbid Tales (Unofficial Music Video Homage)
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Celtic Frost - Morbid Tales (Unofficial Music Video Homage)
Music video synopsis: Slapstick. Uncharacteristic behaviour for BK. Fan made video for Celtic Frost: Morbid Tales from the album Morbid Tales / Emperor's Return. Celtic Frost Tom Gabriel Fischer Martin Eric Ain Stephen Priestly This music video is part of a trilogy that should be watched in this order: 1. Therion: Riders Of Theli 2. Octavia Sperati: Below Zero 3. Celtic Frost: Morbid Tales Opeth: Blackwater Park More BK videos on the toremetal channel: Morgul: The Horror Grandeur Dagoba: The White Guy MOD: Get A Real JobAll my videos are fan made metal videos. I also run The History Of Metal on Facebook: www.facebook.com The copyrights belong to the owners of the film clips and music. The silent short is public domain. Morbid Tales / Emperor's Return 1. "Human (intro)" 2. "Into the Crypts of Rays" 3. "Visions of Mortality" 4. "Dethroned Emperor" 5. "Morbid Tales" 6. "Procreation (Of the Wicked)" 7. "Return to the Eve" 8. "Danse Macabre" 9. "Nocturnal Fear" 10. "Circle of the Tyrants" 11. "Visual Aggression" 12. "Suicidal Winds" Album credits Horst Müller : Additional vocals Hertha Ohling : Additional vocals Oswald Spengler : Violin
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