Celtic Frost - Visions of Mortality w/ Interviews at WOA '06
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Celtic Frost - Visions of Mortality w/ Interviews at WOA '06
WOA 2006 + interview. (translated by tompunk) Tom: It´sa summit conference of heavy metal. What else can we say? It´s absolutely great.It`s unique in this world. The meeting of fans and bands, that you have nowhere else.It´s fantastic. Eric: It´s some kind of olympus in the heavy metal scene.We didn´t expect such an interest for it.Actually we´ve expected nothing, as we started working on the new album. We knew, that Celtic Frost was a cult, but it´s always again still impressive at all festivals we´ve played, whether it´s the "tuska" in Finnland,"rockwave" in Greece or the "With Full Force" here in Germany. It´s actually a very impressive story for us. Tom: The difference is, that I´m grown up now. I`ve got much more "power". I know where I am in my life and I´m much tougher than I´ve ever been. This is affecting on everything that I do with this band. And I guess that the other ones feel the same. Eric: A very important factor is, that we are the lords of our own music. We wrote, produced, financed the album by ourselves and we licensed it to Century Media. It means that we have the rights for it. We´ve founded our own publishing company. We've the rights for what we do now. It´s Not like in the 80's. Back then any businessmen, who never met us before, took us the rights till 75 years after our death. And for me this is a very important difference. This video will include the interview of theirs (does anyone wanna translate this?)
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