Centurian - Heading for Holocaust
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Centurian - Heading for Holocaust
Brain crusher song from the Liber Zarzax album. Death metal band from Netherlands, formed in 1997 on the ashes of Inquisitor. more info at www.centurianchaos.com Heading For Holocaust Born to undo God and his brood Burn to bring down Father and son The Agitator Breeding disorder The death of god And the end of the world Am I Unbound under possession Hungering for the kill I know only chaos And the Gods above god Satanic furor Mad and with many Spreading destruction Nothing compels me Churning masses Chanting my hate They will die Laughing and slaying Exhumed From Hell and below Unleashed To get rid of god Conquering Under Satan's will Revelling In the stench of decay Burning with fury Feeding fires of blackest hatred I propagate war Let the battle escalate
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