Centuries Apart Absolution with lyrics
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Centuries Apart Absolution with lyrics
Check out this awesome metal-core, groove metal, band. This is their EP titled "Malachi" BIo: Formed January 2010 in the Northern GTA, Centuries Apart has already established itself as a group of forward thinking musicians within Canada's Hardcore/Metal scene. They deliver a powerful message with graceful musical proficiency that leaves an indelible impression. This alone is already generating positive attention to their 2010 debut EP release "Malachi." Centuries Apart takes a progressive approach to songwriting, making use of as many tools and influences as possible, while still maintaining a digestible and humble amount of technicality. This approach is also accompanied by their tasteful use of extended range instruments, which avoids the common clich├ęs usually found in rhythm heavy metal bands (ie. Meshuggah wana-bes and redundant low string riffers). The most obvious draw, however, is the band's message, which will surely attract fans of: For Today, Impending Doom, Oh Sleeper and other positively influential Christian acts. Centuries Apart calls on their listeners, their friends, to help break down the false ego that plagues our generation, reminding all that... "The road is easy that leads to destruction, and there are many who take it." - Matthew 7.13 NRSV buy their ep here: itunes.apple.com check them out @: myspace.com twitter.com purevolume.com youtube.com www.facebook.com Lyrics: Look at me now, come and see what I see. Look at your life ravaged by ideals. Who ...
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