Chewing on Tinfoil - Forty Shades of Grey
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Chewing on Tinfoil - Forty Shades of Grey
From our 2010 release, Shaving. Get it at Lyrics All shades are grey with no end in sight, so we turned the lock and key and held the night-light tight. When it feels just like the sun will never touch this place, we spent our lives just counting lines and pulling out greys. Keep it up, son. Keep it up. You're doin' alright, it's just a broken heart in a dole queue line. You'll never teach an old dog, teach an old dog new tricks. You watch your grave get deeper with every shovel you dig. I met an old man on the street the other day. He taught be about the right and wrongs of having your way. He said "You'll never win it if you play life like a game, or if you look straight through a person just for something to gain. There is no baby born in this life that is better than you, there is no feudal forced agenda in the womb, it's true. The cross and crown have left it a little hard to cope. But you'll never lose sight if you never lose hope." There are billions of other people in this world and no-one has a clue. Take these words please don't keep them to yourself, because these words are all I have to give to you. We have all been down, that's the way life is. We have all worn frowns instead of smiling, kid. We have all been down, but we'll get up again. Not all kings wear crowns, at least you have your friends. Intelligence seemed a solid ground, but when you try to pin it down you see that holes are found ...
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