Cold Snap-Filthy Lies/Empty Promises 2008
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Cold Snap-Filthy Lies/Empty Promises 2008
Cold Snap is a Croatian groove metal band, founded in 2003. The band has five members: Jan Kerekes (vocals), Leo Friscic (guitar), Nino Friscic (guitar), Denis RoŇ°karic (drums) and Zoran Ernoic (bass). In December 2005. we released promo CD "Mea Culpa", which contains 6 songs. Until today we have more than 70 concerts across Croatia, Germany, Slovenia (including 2 gigs at Metal Camp Festival '06. and '08.) and Ex-Yu Metal Battle in Belgrade, Serbia, where we have represented Croatia and entered the top 5 bands of the former Yugoslavia. In August 2007. we recorded our first professional album and in March 2008. we signed a record dealwith Croatian label "Dancing Bear" which released "Empty Promises". We recorded videos for three songs from that album ("Nikada", "Bury the Hatchet", "The Structure of Moshpit") that are running on all Croatian TV stations, and some of them on MTV Adria. This has enabled us to perform as the opening act for bands like Limp Bizkit, Disturbed, Soulfly ... In 2009. we won the "Zlatna kugla" (Golden Globe) award in the category "Best New Artist". Video for the song "Nikada" entered the finale of the festival "Dani hrvatskog filma" (Days of Croatian Movie) and we were nominated for international prize "Index 2009." in the category "best new metal album". Among other things, we are the organizers of the humanitarian festival "Help Fest" held every year in Varazdin. We just finished recording our second album "Perfection" with one of the best metal ...
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