Comecon - Worms
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Comecon - Worms
Swedish death metal. From the album, "Converging Conspiracies". Released in 1993 by Century Media. The second album from Stockholm death meatllers Comecon is a tad different than the debut. Mostly the addition of Martin Van Drunen on vocals, the vocalist for Dutch death metal bands Pestilence, Asphyx, Hail of Bullets and several others. Track 7 - Worms All bonds that God ties Man is master to tear apart All crop on God's made land Man is master to sow and reap All deaths worms die Man is master to engineer And the bliss of freedom glimmers like gold Empty the cast, melt the mold The worms of God We've torn away Your spear God This is sacrament to show it It's the bread of liberation And the wine of celebration In the gloam of gluttony, lust takes its toll Its hold is stronger than of the Gods of old The worms of God
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