Cradle Of Filth - Coffin Fodder
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Cradle Of Filth - Coffin Fodder
#9 track from the album "Nymphetamine", Lyrics : The time has come To rise again Freedom lift thy sewered hem Free from beasts and skewered men My dreams unroll Ten thousand fold Their world will never take me They will never desecrate my soul The stars I have grasped Are so far lonely constellations And wishing on those stars My spirit bars annihilation From earthen miseries Hosts of most fell forms of greed Ghosts of pearly gate remissions Forever haunting me Slit the witch and watch him bleed As with any inquisition Lying from the start The preachers piled their craft Scoffing elder glories And dying, I depart To make their sunken hearts A coffin for their stories The time is past The falter when Freedom slips my sombre pen And the gates to wolves break open then My feelings may Seem constant prey But claws no more will rake me Those whores have fled to darker days Above and beyond I have wronged in my position But now the winds are strong To soar from Babel's vision Of cutthroat jealousies Dock to dock these mongrels breed Dogs of fogged derision Pacing, soon to be Back to pack mentality When my killing moon is risen Trying from the start These creatures of the dark Were quaffing morning glories And dying, I depart To make their drunken hearts A coffin for their stories Innovation in ovation Imagination stirs Somewhere the dusk is lining Red the shore of a roaring sea And though loved there is someone pining For the waves of blood to run and rescue me: The time has ...
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27.06.2012 (1249 days ago)
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