Cradle Of Filth - Scorched Earth Erotica(Very Nasty Version)
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Cradle Of Filth - Scorched Earth Erotica(Very Nasty Version)
Sunset, expect This to be your last with Our vast return As Death is set At three sixes where hill-beacons burn Darkness, undress Your descending skirts yield a thirsting altar Blood-red, yet still unfed Lips distend ending, time to falter Welcome arms wide and crucified... The slaughter Lightening freezes seven Outtakes from the rape of the world Sins expelled from Heaven Now befoul from the bowels of Hell Where the tragic in theory and practice fell Last prayers, hang in the air Each unto their own rag and bonemeal saviours Strung where crippled vultures dare Golgotha Coughs another cross to grave God's failure Once the forests spired Nurtured in Nature'heart Now dreat cedars feed the pyres Need-fires lit for greater harm As Her children toy with razors Sightless and deeply scarred And the moon arose to phase Her Cracks a grin so wide it hides the stars And lights Our path Back through the shattered glass (We come like drumming thunder Tides enwreathed in scum and plunder Kraken-teethed to tear asunder All those too blind to see...) Where the tragic in theory and practice meet Deranged, uncaged We rage like a plague through this age of greed Sowers of discord, growing wars to reap A terrible crop to beat a vicious retreat Scroched Earth, rebirth Disintered in the writhe of the lone survivor Whose worth is worse than the curse Of Sardonicus choking on his own saliva Who shares the last laugh now Dead wedded fates fulfil their vows ? Foot in mounth of sacred cows Facedown in dust and poisoned ground...
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26.05.2012 (1236 days ago)
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