Cradle of Filth-Tearing The Veil From Grace
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Cradle of Filth-Tearing The Veil From Grace
My fav song from COF Artist: Cradle of Filth Song: Tearing The Veil From Grace Album: Midian Biblical choirs soar beyond veiled light A swansong for ravens trapped flapping in night A tragic yet magickal fall from grace Too awful to taste for the led and the chaste Those whose long fetters are addressed to all saints Free shining souls torn from Giod's given Reich Defiled, reviled, exiled from sight And Hell knows we sought victory Chancing the leash But when bad die were cast We were cast down to die A steeple of needles thrust into our eyes So scholars might say we were blinded by pride Like the sin of Our Father (and the whims of our kind) Whom in Isaiah and Midian thrived Regaining His sights for the storming of skies... And after descenturies have crawled, vilified Our dark harkened day on spread wing now arrives For eternity is a coprophagic Backward figure head Gorging on Her own bitter end And We have eaten shit Until we're close to addicts Now grime is running out For us to make amends To retake what once was lost To exalt our throne above the stars of God "To throw our fuck into gates and guts Of a severed neverland Where we, the damned Once pleasured ran Like seamen from the phallus sea" Atrocious oceans must be crossed To exalt our throne above the stars of God The thirteenth sign of the Zodiac climbs Cowled and scythed to snuff the sunrise... Throwing shades of war before like prophecy Nightbreed freed from the vasty deep ...Nasty reap of freaks forsaken And ...
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27.06.2012 (1251 days ago)
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