Cultes Des Ghoules - The Covenant and the Sacrifice
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Cultes Des Ghoules - The Covenant and the Sacrifice
Great black metal from Poland, enjoy. Lyrics: They call me with secret tongues Louder and louder... Sharper and sharper... The signs are as clear as never before Even the blade is more urgent now Poisoned, envenomed I tread the path of final transfiguration Dark, decayed dungeon And scream... yelling so horrible The life code is abandoned The flames of Hell are blazing on a mountain The Devil is watching through me And They're coming from the deepest woods Chain ties this holy flesh Blood of sodomy and mass rape Streaming into the holy grail Bell rings the witching hour The blood was shed The child was slain Through those deeds He rises... Under the thunderous sky they're flying Witches with red eyes They can see through my mind Anger becomes rapture, Hatred becomes orgy Another soul is sold, mother becomes His Witch Satan sitting on his throne of skulls My soul is dead, but flesh still lives Covenant has been signed, hallucinations depart... The Witch wants a sacrifice, hallucinations depart... Dark, decayed dungeon...
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18.06.2012 (1206 days ago)
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