Death Metal / Grindcore Drums & Guitar: "Windigo Psychosis" by HEDRAUT
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Death Metal / Grindcore Drums & Guitar: "Windigo Psychosis" by HEDRAUT A fun video of tracking guitar and drums for the HEDRAUT song "Windigo Psychosis." Check out HEDRAUT on myspace and facebook for more music, videos and info! "Windigo Psychosis" (Lyrics) Faced with Grave starvation My frail friend Dark shadows closing in I must Eat your Skin Winter wind has become like Knives inside my heart My time has passed as a man Unspoken Beast of the Dark Algonquin elders fear for the lives of their tribe They sense grim death & sorrow As I stalk each member one by one Follow my whispers into the night Windigo Psychosis I have been transformed Taken on possession To live I had to eat my own Living in the darkness Was my sacrifice Feeding the desire Of a tale once told To be warned Succumb to death When the cold grabs hold Die with your soul Forever be free I fell for temptation The need to feed Filled with rage An unstoppable force Seeking Human Flesh Soon you I will catch I feed off your fear As you flee Your nightmares come true Give your life to me You have gave in Cant run no more Night so Silent Death be warned Eyes in darkness Getting Close Pray for death soon I'll never stop!!! Tearing, ripping, gouging You choke on your own blood Do you remember my face? Human I once was
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