Death Metal/Grindcore Drums HEDRAUT
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Death Metal/Grindcore Drums HEDRAUT A multi-angled drum session for the HEDRAUT song "Meaningless Existence." Recorded in a home studio with a ZOOM recorder on a Pearl Export 8 Piece with 24" kick drums. Wicked heavy tune, killer drum beats and some good humor... Meaningless Existence (Lyrics) Lost Sight of True Meaning of Life Corruption of Mass Media Work and Buy until you Die Belongings, life's Criteria No set Goals to Fulfill your Soul Commit everyday for Green Paper Aid the Poison of our Planet Factories and Sky Scrapers Shattered Souls, Whats your goal? Fictional Sense of Success Bills to pay, Dig your Grave Humanity calls this Progress Days are numbered, Take Action Now Priceless Time you cannot Buy When Rotting Six Feet Under ground Sun Will Still Shine In the Sky What's Your Life Worth What's Your Life Worth What's Your Life Worth What's Your Life Worth Just a Meaningless Existence Just a Meaningless Existence Fool Your Mind, Betray Your Soul Cancer of this Planet, This Human Race Drugs and Booze to Help Escape Through Foggy Eyes you See this Place Blessed at the top of the Food Chain With the most Complex Mind Though We still cannot Prevent Global Suicide in Time Negative Use of Technology Soon Machines Will Dominate They'll Wipe out Their Creator Mass Destruction, ELIMINATE
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10.06.2012 (1266 days ago)
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