Demigod - Reincarnation
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Demigod - Reincarnation
Demigod was founded in Loimaa, Finland 1990. Band released independently one rehearsal demo at the founding year. Next year (1991) they released the (in)famous "Unholy Domain" demo and another rehearsal demo. "Unholy Domain" was later ripped-off by American Seraphic Decay label and released as a split album with another finnish DM band, Necropsy 1991. 1992 Demigod released it's first full-length through Drowned productions "Slumber of Sullen Eyes". The album gain huge respect in the underground DM scene and Demigod became one of the most famous DM bands to come from Finland. After this, band recorded few promos, introducing the more aggressive and thrash- like style of the band. Demos had good feedback, but still the band decided to go to a temporary split-up. 1999 They were back and made a promo tape of the old thrash demos, they recorded after "Slumber ...", and got signed to the famous Spanish Xtreem records. After that, they released "Shadow Mechanics" 2002 and "Let Chaos Prevail" 2007 full-lengths. Demigod split-up in autumn of 2008. This is from their second demo "Unholy Domain" of 1991. Lyrics : A trial in a forsaken tomb Remains of human cadaver Enliven to be reincarnated Repulsively stinking waves As flesh and tissue appears Heavy sound of slow breath Echoes in decayed coffin Organic reaction of life Exigency to gather more flesh out from the grave Nocturnal journey through the godly mists above the corpses buried Grip of death - Totally gone as life reigns the ...
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